Scaffolding Net

Scaffolding Net help improve the safety of construction site. Scaffolding Wrap installs easily on most scaffolding structures. It acts as a tri-fold barrier on a building under construction. First, it reduces debris from falling out of building. Second, the material acts as a windbreak keeping the building warmer during winter construction months. The fabric also hides away unsightly work areas giving the site a tidier look.

Material: 100% high quality HDPE, PE, PP monofilament UV stabilised yarm
Color: green, blue, black, white any other available colors
Density 50-300gram weight per square meters
Piece size: 1.8*6m, 1.5*6m
Roll size: 2*100m, 3*100m, 4*100m
Type: warp Knitted
Packing: 5pcs, 10pcs or 20pcs/bundle; rolls are usually packaged in 50, 100 or 200m/roll.
Scaffolding net Remarks: ropes around four sides or buttonholes to permit fixing by ropes

Mainly used to prevent damage caused by falling articles from falling down, or to avoid to protect the safety of workers in high places and people and keep the site clean. Suitable for construction and other high place with a safety net


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