Transplant Root Ball Netting

Chain Link Transplant Root Ball Netting

Tree baskets for moving trees and shrubs. Tree wire basket for tree farms, tree nursery and tree moving companies.Basket Type: French type & Dutch Type or other type is available
Joints Type: Welded and Twisted

Using Steps:
Ball & Burlap your plant in conventional manner,
Place the burlapped ball into the mesh basket,
Raise mesh basket upwards around ball to the top of the ball,
Tighten draw wire mesh by holding ball with one hand and pulling the draw wire with the other hand, until the basket is snug around the root ball.
The wire mesh can be left on the root ball as it will rot away and allow the trees to develop a healthy and strong root system.  

Product features:
1) Wire mesh basket made of special grade steel wire.
2) Flexible and 100% strong joints to hold the root ball during transportation
3) Easy to use with burlap and proven 1500’s of times in use
4) Apply to most tree spade and tree diggers. Such as Optimal, Pazzaglia, Clegg, Big John, Vermeer, Dutchman etc.
5) Packed in a nylon woven bag and easy to store as flat pack or original shape packing.
6) We cab make color coding according to customer spec. available.
Deliver directly to you from our factory.
There are many designs with small differences between with various designs, such as Polish design,French design, Holland design, Italy design,Germany design etc.


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